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    Half-Acre Homestead

Homestead Shack in Montana, 1912

"Olga Wold and her stepfather, Norman Wold, stand outside her homestead shack at Marsh, Montana. Photograph taken on December 28, 1912 by Evelyn J. Cameron. "
From: http://freecabinporn.com/


Connor Solms said...

Mr. Kahn,

My name is Connor Solms. I'm a huge fan and really love "Tiny Homes Simple Shelter". I'm developing a podcast and was wondering if you'd have the time to do an interview. If your interested please Email me at cfs.7518@gmail.com. Thanks for your work.

Lloyd Kahn said...

Connor, Just really no time right now. Deep in midst of producing our next book, Tiny Homes On the Move. My time best spent there.


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