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NorCal Beach Graffiti Early February 2013


Anonymous said...

re this one,cant really tell what it is (maybe the Pope?)..

but re Graffiti in general, i have always felt sad that the ones who do this are usually ferociously hounded and maligned.

so often i have seen Graffiti which is compelling, artistic, inspiring, thought provoking...

of course i understand that "too" much of it, every which where can get impossibly trashy/gang"ish"/ugly...

but, there must be a way to allow significant public areas for this.

some long time ago, i saw an article re another country.. mabye it was one of the communist ones, dont know, where they did allow/assign large areas for anyone's Graffitti.. Maybe the pictures i saw were only for public relations, but they were beautiful and shocking well done..

Anonymous said...

Graffiti or Street Art?
These are not the most interesting ones i have seen, but it is sort of the idea....

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