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Anyone Want Mini Books to Give Out?

These mini books are 2" x 2-1/2", 32 pages from Tiny Homes. People are delighted by this little thing. Plus it's great advertising. Over 90% of the people I hand these out to laugh out loud. Not smile, but laugh. There have been a bunch of people who can read the text.

If you can give these to people (children love them), we'll send you a batch (say 10, 20, or 30). Send yr. address, # of mini books you want, to tinyhomes@shelterpub.com, and we'll send to you (USA only, shipping costs elsewhere are too high these days).
Hats off to Paramount Printing Co. in Hong Kong, for doing such a great job of printing these little things. Difficult task. The binding is actually sewn.


lillie said...

Lloyd, i would love to pass these out. I tell everyone i know about you and your tiny house movement after running across your blog and then seeing your doc film at a New Belgium film fest (clips of faith) in Des Moines Iowa. Sending you my address right away. :)

vcsnover said...

I could give out 30 of them Lloyd. I just got the full size version about 2 months ago at Hastings Bookstore in Farmington, NM. I LOVE this book! Especially the Mike Basich house! Amazing book with lovely layout and photos!

Victor Snover
#43 County Road 2842
Aztec, NM 87410

Anonymous said...

Lloyd, back when these (big and little) books came out, i ordered four (which came with minnies)..
Besides the big book which i kept, gave others for gifts. This past Christmas gave one to my 34 yr old nephew, and gave two of the little ones to his niece and nephew. (we had christmas together)...
Well, i can tell you, there was HUGE admiration and bemusement from all the adults (twenty or so), re the miniature copies...And, the kids loved to have tiny versions of their Uncle's.

One adult was smitten with the minnies, and compared them to the high quality German Miniature books (similar size) which she had had as a child.

yarapa said...

Lloyd I've bought a bunch of your books for keepers and lots more for gifts. I've found a lot of young teens who seem to get the idea of really "owning" a home just the way they'd love it to be... well built and full of fun and play. Our chunk of the world is in the Shawnee National Forest area around Southern Illinois University. Lot's of 60's folks came to school here and fell in love with the hills and woods. I could easily give out 20 books to folks that are ripe for these ideas. Thanks for the opportunity. I sent my info to the tinyhomes address


Jess Stinchfield said...

hi lloyd,
i'd love to have 20 or 30 of these to pass around. i find that people are really intrigued with the concept of tiny houses and these would be a fun little enticement! thanks for offering these.

Jess Stinchfield said...

'course my address would help, wouldn't it?
jess stinchfield
202 bassett hill rd
guilford vt 05301

thx again

Jeff Bragg said...

I'll sign up for thirty (or more) also. I teach guitar here in Northern Virginia and my kids are a great target audience growing up in the land of excess and McMansions and such. I mean I'm busy subverting their little minds anyway with Kerouac and Kesey, so I best add some of this in there, too, dont'cha think?

Jeff Bragg
64 Southall Court
Sterling, VA 20165

Jessica said...

I would love to have 10 to share! I have a 3 year old delight and lots of little friends.
Thank you,

Jessica McMullen
215 Waite St.
Eugene, OR 97402

thelynns said...

I would love at least 10 to pass out. I have been a tiny house fan since seeing Jay Shafer's tiny house in Fine Home building years ago before it was popular. In fact, we are a family of four living in 700 sq. ft. I want to instill in my family and friends that you don't have to be a slave to a mortgage for 30 years. I also love and own your books.
Curt Lynn
17841 Auten Road
Granger, In 46530

Elaine said...

Hi Lloyd,
These would be wonderful to give to the attendees of the upcoming Tiny House Fair at Yestermorrow in Vermont this June. I'd like 50, if you can spare them.
Thanks much!
Elaine Walker
3713 Iroquois Ave
Sarasota, FL 34234

Michael said...

WoW, Big fan, would love a few to give to my architect and permaculture friends. I work in GIS so I get to work with a diverse set of folks. The architects need to see these rein them in a bit and the permaculture folks would squill with delight. Thanks

Michael Davis
8 Stephane St
Greenville SC 29609

Unknown said...

Hey Lloyd,

I would love to have some of these to pass out... say 10 each of Tiny Homes, Home Work, and Builders of the Pacific Coast. My friends, and niece and nephew will love them.

Just bought Home Work last week. Thanks!

Glen Dentinger
1939 Payne St.
Louisville, KY 40206

ZINNIA - A Space For Contagious Creativity said...

hi lloyd,
i'd love to have 20 of these to pass around. Since I have recently discovered you/them... I have been talking about it a lot and would love to have something to give people. i find everyone really intrigued with the concept of tiny houses and these would be a fun little enticement! thanks for offering these.
t tolkin
3551 Canyon Ridge Dr
Altadena, ca 91001

The Flying Tortoise said...

I would love to have some tiny books to give away Lloyd and I'm sorry that being in New Zealand poses a problem re postage but I'd be happy to pay it so perhaps you could let me know the postage cost for thirty of the little gems...

Anonymous said...

Lloyd, I would certainly hand out some tiny books myself. Lord knows I've handed out enough shelter & whole earths over the years. Loaned them actually but with no expectations of ever getting them back. Thanks a lot for all the pleasure & info you've given lots of people for lots of years.....alan

Lloyd Kahn said...


Need name & address.

Richard said...

I know this is a big ask, but is there any chance of one of these making it's way to England (I would love one for my self, but would happily give some out in England if you wanted). I am a huge fan of your site and tell everyone I meet about it. I would be thrilled to have one of these little treasure, especially after reading various posts over the past year when you've been giving them away. I would be happy to pay postage (via paypal?). Let me know:

Richard Heath
21 Westleigh Road
Glen Parva
United Kingdom

Anonymous said...

Would love to spread some around New England, with 5 colleges in my area I always like to drop inspiration around, especially when kids these days need new ideas to conquer the weight of imposing norms!

Zoe Johnson
199-J Stonewall Drive
Ashfield, MA

Anonymous said...

sorry lloyd. please send to alan wade, 1103 w. ralston dr., bloomington, in 47403. thanks..........alan

Anonymous said...

Would love to pass these out in Montana. How about 20 please!
Tim Berg
P.O. Box 126
Polson, MT 59860

SHERPA said...

Would love to give them out up here in Alaska, if the shipping isnt too expensive i would like 10 or 20 ( i work in a outdoor public park and i am sure people would be interested)
Sharon Carter
606 W 34th Ave Apt.138
Anchorage AK 99503

Michael said...

Got my mini books and all my architect friends love them, Thanks

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