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Treeman Shaping Big Cypress Tree Tonight

Riding bike down my road tonight,and here was treeman extraordinaire Jack Oakander giving this grownup Cypress tree a nice graceful shape. Jack's company, Pacific Slope Tree Co., does tree work in the San Francisco area, especially Marin County. Sun just starting to set, can see it shining through bottom of tree.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the picture. Reminds me of 2 large cypress trees next door to me when I lived in Inverness Park.

Superyards said...

Unusual photograph and lovely tree.

Calgary landscaping said...

Is he in the tree or on a ladder. That is quite a big task.

Anonymous said...

hard to imagine a 1000 yr old tree. Amazing. Glad they were able to save this one.


‘Elaho Giant’ — 1,000-year-old Douglas fir — saved by quick action of B.C. fire crews

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