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Tiny Kids on Bikes in Snow, British Columbia

From our PR person in British Columbia, Kim Herter:
"…I wanted to share a little video of my son and his pal, Daniel on their snow bikes -- created by Daniel's dad, Tim Van Driel. It's a great little clip -- mostly of Daniel (brown outfit), but some fun shots of my little guy, Theo, in orange. Daniel wore a little camera clipped to his helmet for some of it. We were at Cypress Mtn. -- a 45 min drive from my house where there is NO snow so it's pretty amazing to see how wintery it is up there on the local hills. 400cm+…"


Anonymous said...

Cute vid. The following's not related to this post, but I just found this breathtaking video of a house online, and thought you might find it interesting:


BTW, thanks for posting the chapter on Sun Ray Kelley on Scribd. Wonderful stuff.


Gill said...

They're kickin' it! I dig it deep!

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