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Tiny Apartment in Soho/Insanely Well Designed

From Mike W


rj said...

Good stuff...

Kay L. Davies said...

Love it! I once saw something similar done in Asia, shown on Home and Garden TV. I imagine there will be more and more of those as time goes on.

Ches said...

One of the most well thought out small spaces I have seen, and a nicely presented video. Thanks Lloyd

Mike L said...

Wonderful posting,Lloyd. Easily the most completely thought out multi-functional space I've ever seen. The guest room knocks me out. Only question I have is--Does the kitchen have a vent fan for the inevitable dish that gets burnt? If so, how does one vent that in an apartment. But that's a quibble--very smart ideas.

Anonymous said...

That is super cool, but looks insanely expensive!

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