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The Invisible Craftsman Builder: An Inconvenient Truth / Richard Olsen

Hi Lloyd, Happy new year. I hope it's off to a great start for you and yours.
   I wanted to share something I wrote recently, something I suspect you'll find entertaining at the least. It's part of an important [yet unpopular] discussion that you helped bring to the fore long ago.
   Considering the scene here in LA, which has a newspaper whose arts section refuses to acknowledge anything other than Midcentury Modern, I guess I should expect some sort of blacklisting. Maybe my house will be egged? :) I'd have to be naive to think that they'd be paying attention anyway...

Click here.

All good things your way,
richard (Olsen)

1 comment :

Richard Ieian Jones said...

That was a good read.
Over here in the UK a house is a commodity to be traded, an investment. No longer just a home. As such most housing stock is bland and soulless, poorly manufactured on a mass production model.
I can't stand it to me they are like hutches for a blind working population.
I like the "slow building" tag. Goes well with the slow food movement and ideals.

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