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Seeking Tiny House Builder in Berkshires

Lloyd, Thanks so much for your stunning support for small abodes. I'm looking for an instructor to teach a hands-on workshop intensive on how to build a tiny timber-framed house on a trailer. Location: my organic farm in the Berkshires Timeframe: Summer, 2013 Any suggestions? Cheers! Eli Rogosa Mystic Sheaf Bakery Colrain, Massachusetts (near Shelburne Falls) growseed.org 413 624 0214


Anonymous said...

try Will or Michele @ www.heartwoodschool.com

Anonymous said...

I'd say thats a good reccomendation, or you could contact me, I'd be happy to discuss that project. Dan Whittet www.linkedin.com/in/danielwhittet/
@scrapsparcs on twitter

Derek Diedricksen said...

DEF look into Bill Rockhill of Bear Creek Carpentry....he's in that neck of the woods, a builder for Tumbleweed, and an all around good guy....

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