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French Protestors Build 50 Pallet Buildings to Stop Airport

Hi, i'm arthur, a french reader of shelter and homework and i do things with old paletts sometimes too. It happen something really great in france, near Nantes, in the village of Notre-Dame-des-Landes : the company Vinci want to build a second airport and destruct 40 farms and 2000 hectars. Ecologist movement, people who want to live free and activist have built a lot of wood houses to resist. Maybe it is 40 or 50 cabins and houses now. Police tried to stop it but they can't. I put some links of pictures : http://zad.nadir.org/spip.php?article636 http://www.flickr.com/photos/valkphotos/sets/72157632092769815/ http://www.citizenside.com/fr/photos/politique/2012-12-12/72306/notre-dame-des-landes-societe-de-sommation.html#f=0/627341
You can join them at zad@riseup.net


Anonymous said...

salut arthur, merci pour ces photos et respect aux militants de la ZAD pour leur engagement et leur créativité sans limite
thanks, arthur, for these pictures
this is one of the most important civic fights in France today
many young protesters are occupying the area which is sealed off by security forces
every time a cabin is destroyed by the police, protesters come again and build another one
many people give free or recovered materials, food, clothes... to support them, and they link arms to bring all the stuff through the fields
despite harsh conditions (mud, cold, police controls...) the builders are making tireless efforts and this amazing village is a very creative, continual building site.

Cassie K said...

Awesome! I also talk about using free pallets as a resource to making a home, garden, and other unique projects (bookshelf, cabinet, etc) @ http://veganslivingofftheland.blogspot.com/2012/04/whats-best-free-material-to-use-for.html
I also have a video there that shows a group of people building a home out of pallets. Very inspiring!
Here is another post on my blog where I talk about pallets and how to get free materials @ http://veganslivingofftheland.blogspot.com/2012/04/raised-bed-garden-ideas-using-free.html

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