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Boat Roofed Shed in Wales

"The shed roof is made from a clinker built boat that is 14ft long and 7ft wide at its widest point. The boat is an inshore fishing boat made between 1900 – 1910. It was placed on a frame of 4 telegraph poles with cross beams. Once in place the walls were filled in using aluminium windows from a 1940′s caravan and single glazed windows from our 400 year old farm house.…"
From Tiny House Blog -- great story and pics
Sent in by Mike W

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Kay L. Davies said...

Oh wow, Lloyd. When I was a kid, my father and grandfather had a 14-ft. clinker built boat for fishing on Lake Okanagan in British Columbia. I would never have imagined one being used as a roof but, of course, ours was nowhere as wide as this one. In fact, it's rather hard for me to imagine a boat 14 ft. long and 7 ft. wide, but it sure makes a good roof!

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