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Mini Antique Cars For Sale

"Hi Lloyd, Several months ago I sent a link about a family's visit to a mini-car museum.  Thought you might want to know the museum is closing and the cars are for sale come February. Here's the link: http://microcarmuseum.com with all the details.  Own your own mini car.… Enjoying the blog, Lloyd. Anne Thrope"

I just like to look at them.

Autistic Teen's Hoop Dreams Come True

From Jan Janzen this morning. Brought tears to my eyes. http://www.cbsnews.com/2100-500202_162-1339324.html

Snowboarders Survive 2 Nights On Mt. Rainier

I should complain about getting lost for a few hours in the rain: "A pair of snowboarders who spent two nights on Mount Rainier after getting trapped in a blizzard Sunday hiked off the volcano in snowshoes this afternoon – hungry, cold and tired but uninjured. Derek Tyndall and Thomas Dale, each in their early 20s, made it down to Paradise about 3:30 p.m.… the two snowboarders…were carving turns down from Camp Muir Sunday afternoon when a heavy storm forced them to halt their descent. They did not have overnight gear or extra food, save a few crackers, but immediately began preparing to hunker down for the night. 'They are extraordinarily fortunate,' Bacher said. 'This is a case where something went wrong, but from that point on they did everything right. They didn’t compound the situation by making poor decisions.' The two boarders called 911 and dug a snow cave near a freshwater spring not far from the southern end of the Paradise Glacier and used their snowboards to block its entrance and keep 70 mph winds at bay. They kept themselves warm and dry and did not move around.…"
izzit sent this, from here

How To Live To 100

Mills Bothers Music in the '30s

When I was 12, I was crazy about the Mills Brothers. (I didn't discover Fats Domino until 6 years later.) I loved their vocal harmonies, their cupping hands to mouths making trumpets and trombones. Plus John's vocal bass. That was in the late '40s and I didn't know about all their earlier work with Count Basie, Louie Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, Cab Calloway, Bing Crosby -- on and on, until I discovered this 5-CD set ("1930s Recordings.")
   In "My Walking Stick" with Louie Armstrong, the Mills Brothers "band" plays behind Louie's vocal, then there's a duet with Louie's trumpet along with Herbert's mouth trumpet. With Cab Calloway, Cab's band does a solo, then the MBs come in with their vocal trumpets and trombones, like a little band. Wonderful music."Flat Foot Floogie With A Floy Floy." Check out the vocal bass with "I Can't Give You Anything But Love Baby" here.
   Note, I know I repeat stuff from time to time. Goes with the getting older territory. Well hey, your memory is not infinite, right? As new stuff comes in, other stuff gets jettisoned. Right? Right?

"Step Into My Bower, Which I've Built For Two."

Sometimes love is an illusion. Especially if you're a bowerbird.
"These crow kin from Australia and New Guinea are known for constructing elaborate edifices to woo mates. But males of one species, the great bowerbird (Ptilonorhynchus nuchalis) go a step further: They use a trick of architectural perspective to boost their allure, and will stick to their own scheme even if it falls short with the females.
   While most bowerbirds embellish their "love nests" with bright, shiny baubles, the great bowerbird's decor is comparatively bland: an avenue of sticks leading to a pair of courts garnished with mostly gray-to-white objects like pebbles, shells, and bones.

Housing Proposal For Homeless in London

"How can a city add affordable apartments to a neighborhood with no room for new buildings? London architects Levitt Bernstein recently won a Building Trust competition with their new solution: pop-up modular homes inside unused parking garages.
    In Hackney, a low-income neighborhood in northeast London, it’s less and less common for residents to own cars. Public transportation has improved in the city, and cars are expensive. Rows of garages sit empty, making the streets look lifeless and encouraging crime.
    The design calls for pre-fab units that slip easily into unused garages and become temporary homes for homeless Londoners. The simple construction of the homes will become part of an apprenticeship program, giving some residents the unique opportunity to help build their own homes.…" HereFrom Rick Gordon.

Maestro Irish Spoon Player

This just came in from England, a bit of London cheer on a rainy wet Wednesday AM:
Hi Lloyd,
Thought you would enjoy this amazing dude playing the spoons to Faithless' "Insomnia." He is an English street person but has amazing presence and seems to spread a bit of joy wherever he turns up.
   I have found a few vids of him in various cities links collected together on my blog here.
   Cheers Robin (Wood)
I learned to play the spoons, also the musical saw, from an eccentric old guy, Holger Christiansen, in the (ulp!) late '40s. He was caretaker on my dad's rice farm in Colusa, Calif., and also built a foot-powered organ and carved his own violin. In the last part of this video, the guy is talking to me: "Now that be a lesson to you, young man, when you think you can play the spoons…"

Elegant High-Tech Wedding Rings

There's been a "…technology revolution in ultra precision machining design and manufacturing…" and artist/designer/athlete Jeff McWhinney has designed some unique (openable) rings. When you see these in person, they take your breath away. http://www.mcwhinneydesigns.com/

Tiny Home On Wheels For Sale in Texas - $29K

"Recently built tiny house on a new 8×16 dual axle trailer. Cedar tongue & groove siding, double pane windows, and a metal roof.
The interior has bamboo flooring throughout, built-in cedar shelving on two walls, kitchen area with sink, counter top space, room & outlet for a fridge/freezer. The loft fits a queen mattress comfortably and has a window & ceiling fan to circulate air. The bathroom has standard size shower & toilet with a window, vent, & lighting. Hot water to bathroom & kitchen supplied by a propane tankless hot water heater. There are standard RV hookups for water, 30 amp electrical, & sewage." Here

Foraging in the Pacific Northwest

Wild Harvests "Wild food experiments and personal foraging accounts from the Pacific Northwest centering on Northwest Washington and Southern Vancouver Island."
Really nice website.
Thanks to E Johansson

Sailboats Racing in the Dark

 These little sailboats, maybe 20 of them, were racing in the dark just off Marina Greens in San Francisco last Thursday. There were 2 pilot boats with lights that they were tacking around. (Blurry pics due to almost non-existent light.)

Low Tide on Reef Last Week

$5 Dinner San Francisco Taco Stand

I was in San Francisco Thursday to see a new movie on the Dipsea Race. Had some time to kill, so went to the Honda dealership at Market & Van Ness to look at  a Honda Fit -- which may turn out to be the car I get. Was hungry, and got a taco at this stand at Mission and South Van Ness, and it was great. $5 for taco, soft corn tortillas (2) with chicken and manzana apple soda. I'd think all the other things they serve here would be good too (including hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, salads). Street food!