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Old Log Buildings Being Rebuilt in Iowa

Paul Cutting takes apart and rebuilds old log cabins in Decorah  Iowa. Check out these wonderful buildings: http://cuttingp.wix.com/paul-cutting#!portfolio/c1hww

Scary Steep Downhill San Francisco Street

Late August coming into San Francisco early in the morning. I sometimes take first-time visitors to the city on this route. It feel like you're dropping off the edge of a cliff. That's my truck hood in the foreground. (This is one of the streets parallel with Union.)

86-year-old German Gymnast on the Parallel Bars

"Take a look at Johanna Quaas performing on the parallel bars. At 86, she does a handstand with her head beneath the level of her hands and elegantly throws her legs over the bars. In order to become a famous gymnast, it took Johanna more than 50 years of training."
From Russian website http://www.ageofhappiness.com/ (Discovered this because they just wrote that they want to interview me on skateboarding.)

Red Nichols and his Five Pennies - Margie (1928)

From Lew Lewandsowski

Wild Huts in the UK

"100 Wild Huts is an experimental challenge I’ve set myself to build 100 small survival shelters on any piece of ground that harbours enough natural resources for the build. I intend to sleep rough in each shelter for one night and blog about the experiences. I intend to experiment with the huts form, structure and materiality in the hope that in due course this site will become a useful resource for budding adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts alike! - Kevin Langan"
Sent us by Anonymous

Treehouse For Birds (And One Human)

"(The) Japan-based design firm Nendo has created a treehouse for one person and 78 birds. Dubbed the ‘Bird Apartment,’ the treehouse was designed for Ando Momofuku Center—a facility located in a forest in Komoro City of Japan’s mountainous Nagano Prefecture, devoted to promoting and increasing access to nature activities.
   One side of the Bird Apartment features 78 nesting spaces for birds. On other side, visitors can get a unique bird-watching experience by climbing up and into the treehouse using the ladder, and peeping into the birds’ apartments through tiny holes from inside the treehouse."
Sent us by Alan Whittle, Element Detailing