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Tiny Homes On Wheels Can Move

"…One of the most interesting parts about living in a tiny home on wheels is that you can move to a new location relatively easy. That’s what Carrie and Shane decided to do recently.…"
Click here.

Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, Queens of Rhythm - Knockin' on Heaven's Door

It's Friday and I'm in the office alone, should be doing layout, but I got diverted. It's all Kevin Votel's fault: he told me Wednesday morning at one of our monthly-or-so breakfasts at Bette's Diner, that Bob Dylan was doing a series of concerts with Mark Knopfler. This led me into Googling around. (They're on a big tour and will be in Berkeley and SFO in October.)
  I ran across a pretty krappy video of Knopfler and Dylan doing "Forever Young" in an old Rolling Stone article, and started looking around in YouTube and discovered this gem. Dylan is beautiful here, masterful, the Queens radiant (watch him hand a rose to them at the end), the keyboarder, the quality of the band. I've got this cranked up full screen and loud (just showing my immaturity.)  Over and out, I gotta get some work done. Plus got some beachcombing to do this afternoon.

San Francisco Street Graffiti

This was in a vacant parking lot on Valencia Street in San Francisco on Wednesday. It was surrounded by a cyclone fence, so I had to shoot it through the holes in the fence. It's a bit difficult to get the perspective with so little of the background. The painting on the left is on a wall that's about 50 feet behind the little building on the right with the close-up.

Amish Move Barn By Hand(s) in Kalona, Iowa

"One. Two. Three. Lift!
   Community members, farmers and those just passing through along Highway 22 did a double take Friday as approximately 150 Amish men carried the wooden skeleton of a turkey barn along the shoulder of the roadway.…One person remarked that the men carrying the barn looked like a caterpillar because of the hundreds of legs.…"
Full story here. (Photo is poor quality, but you get the idea.)
Sent us by Andrew Mottershead

Tiny Log House For Sale in BC, Canada

From Tiny House Blog:
"Dave Stonehouse from Stonehouse Woodworks in Golden, BC. Here are some pictures of my 16 x 20 log shell that I built last winter. The shell is complete and currently for sale.
   I have begun building my first “littlefoot” log cabin. The sub floor is built, it will be 8ft 4″ x 12ft 6″. That size was chosen because we can build 104 sq ft without a building permit around here so that squeeks just under. It is designed to be moved in two pieces, floor walls and loft as one with a steep prefabed roof that gets set on top like a hat being the second piece. It is going to have a steep 18/12 pitch roof that will give standing room at the peak even though it is only 8ft 4″ wide. There will be a dormer on the one side of the roof.…"

Paul Reconstructs Old Norwegian Log Houses in Iowa

From: http://freecabinporn.com/page/2. (This site is a must for cabin lovers.)
"From Paul Cutting: I’m 28 years old, and for the past six years I have been disassembling and reconstructing Norwegian built log houses around the Decorah, Iowa area. I’ve disassembled ten of these buildings and have reconstructed four of them, including additional buildings I restored for the US Forest Service in Colorado over two years. The other six buildings are stashed away in a barn for future use. This is mostly a hobby, and I’ve yet to figure out how to make a living doing this type of work.
My corner of Northeast Iowa was settled almost exclusively by Norwegians, who brought with them a very long tradition of building with logs. Nearly every house in my area built from about 1845 to 1880 was log, and several still stand. I approach owners and ask if I can take them away (usually for free) and reconstruct them on new sites. My projects are built almost exclusively with salvaged materials and have been done very cheaply, and the end result is highly original and sympathetic. This house cost me something like $20,000 to build, if you exclude the roughly two years of labor it took to build. Things are cheap if you don’t count your labor!  
   See more of Paul’s homes."

Rock Climber on Granite Face


TimTam Tan Tien: New Loaded Skateboard

"This video is a celebration of the launch of our newest longboard the Tan Tien. Progressive longboard riding by Adam Colton, Kyle Chin, P-Below Castro and the Bandyman. We had a lot of fun making this video, and yes the first part is the same location as Flipping the Switch it is just too fun to skate. Stoked that Loaded riders and employees Pablo and Marcus came out to skate. …SPECS: Length: 39" / Wheelbase: 27" / Width 8.75"
SETUPS: Paris 180s / Orangatang 86a Stimulus."  http://www.loadedboards.com

NorCal Beach Graffiti #5

R-e-s-p-e-c-t. The tide was high. Just after I shot the above, I may have got a message from the ocean, I don't know: shooting the "respect" wall (below), this wave hit the breakwater and soaked me up to my waist. Hmmm…

Sea Otters

"Sea otters gather in a yacht harbor in Moss Landing. Scientists were pleased to see the population increase after a decrease was observed from 2009 to 2010. Photo: Noah Berger, Special To The Chronicle / SF"

These guys just crack me up, the way they lie on their backs. Relaxation. In the '50s, there was one at the Wild Hook surf spot in Santa Cruz who would come right up to us as we sat on our boards. We called him Sammy the sea otter.

Clams, Raccoon Footprints on Beach Seaweed, Tomales Bay