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Polk Salad Annie/Tony Joe White


Photo from audiomania

Why have I never heard of this guy? An Amazon reviewer said this about his 2010 album "Shine":

"Great album by Tony Joe White. Real nice songs and guitar work with just enough swamp. This is a soulful album with a great feel. Beats me why Tony Joe isn't more popular like J.J. Cale has become."

Kevin Kelly's 1300-mile Bike Trip

As a bookmaker and Pacific coaster you may enjoy this fast 60-page book I just made.
   I, and my 15-year-old son and nephew just rode our bicycles from Vancouver, Canada to San Francisco, hugging the coast the entire way. (We went on the Olympic pennisular side rather than through Seatlle.) Of course we rode down 1 in CA. We pedaled 1,300 miles in 26 days. It was hard work but a blast.
   Using Lightroom and Blurb I made a quick cool book of our journey and lessons learned, and am having some copies printed up for us. But with the push of a button I could make a PDF and free iPad ebook version for easy distribution.
   Take a look:
ebook for iPad:

HOWTO separate eggs with a plastic bottle

From Corey Doctorow, Boing Boing this morning

Artist's Studio


Excellent Building Book For Children

This (as well as our Wonderful Houses Around the World) is a great building book for children. This one is out of print, but obtainable used. Lovely drawings by Stefen Bernath. Igloos, longhouses, tipis. yurts, desert tents, stone houses, earth lodges and more.

Salt-N-Pepa: Shoop


Real Tiny Home

Click here.

Get Direct Line to Real Human on Phone Calls

From CoolTools today:
"Get Human is a website that helps you get through to a real person when you are stuck in an automated phone tree and can’t find a way out. For Fortune 500 and many other companies, they tell you the phone number to call or the words to say to get a human (agent, representative, etc). One important feature is that the site also has a notification if the number they had listed is no longer working ( when the companies push back). Finally, they offer instructions on how to get a call back, and when email is a better choice.
Something this simple has saved my sanity many times. I’ve used it for several years, and rely on it. It’s wonderful.
-- Judy Baxter

Houseboat Photos by Kevin Kelly

 Fifteen houseboat pics taken by Kevin Kelly in Kashmir and Amsterdam here

The Half Acre Homestead

"Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm." -Winston Churchill
I've been on this small piece of land for 40 years now. A lot of mistakes and false starts along the way. I've built and torn down about 4 chicken coops, 3 greenhouses, at least 2 small buildings, and a geodesic dome. I've done and undone countless projects because I was in too much of a hurry or didn't think things out in advance. The sign that used to hang behind the counter at Golden State Lumber sure resonated with me: : "If you didn't have time to do it right in the first place, how come you have time to do it over?"
   I've done presentations titled "The Half Acre Homestead" at the Maker Faire last year and at the North House Folk School this year, with pictures of the garden shredder, grain grinder, table saw, and on and on. What you can produce on a pretty small piece of land. Here are a few recent things:
Chickens: Our new flock of mostly Golden Seabright and Auracana bantams is a month or two away from laying eggs. I've dispatched 21 roosters. Skinning rather than plucking saves a lot of time. I've just learned how to "spatchcock" (butterfly) poultry for barbecuing (check the word on Google for instructions).
These home-raised birds taste way better than even "free-range" commercial chickens. Way different flavor, less fat, bones dense. I vacuum-seal them with  Foodsaver "Gamesaver," and freeze. This model is a big improvement over previous Foodsavers. (The trick with meat, fish, or sealing anything with liquid: freeze for a few hours before vacuum sealing; this eliminates liquid being drawn to the sealing area.)
Pickling: My 3rd batch of sauerkraut is the best. Made with our own red cabbage and salt, nada mas. My olives (salt, vinegar, water) have turned out great after 3 months; no lye. Lesley's been making all our own (sour dough) bread and now, Kombucha tea.

Shelter in Chinese (Just In)

Seeking Tiny Home Builder

Dear Lloyd
Summer greetings!
i have been trying to find a builder who would be able to build a small room (6x12) on wheels for me and have contacted quite a few of the builders in your books and have not been able to hire anyone yet.
i wonder if you have a suggestion...there must be someone who would love to do this. i need to use very healthy materials as i deal with extreme chemical sensitivities and so i will use materials like coconut oil, pure bees wax , and woods that i am not allergic to...like wormy maple, alder, hopefully i can work with someone willing and loving not to use any glues, store bought windows, sheet goods as my health is important now. there must be someone who would love to do this and i have spoken to many in your books and many are very busy! and not willing to change their building way.
Much Love and light,
I asked Marta for additional info:

Victorian Skating Rink in Norwich, UK

Victorian skating rink, now the home of the Country and Eastern store, in Norwich, UK. Thanks to Vic Long

10 Nice Photos of Tiny Homes

 All nice, except for the two A-frames. Click here.
Above: Mendocino county, California, by Foster Huntington