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Deek Diedricksen's $200 House

"Made from scavenged materials, Derek Diedricksen's tiny houses cost just $200 to make. What the little wooden dwellings lack in space, is made up for in style thanks to plenty of decorative detail.
   The 33-year-old uses parts of discarded household items to ensure each home has basic functions, the glass from the front of a washing machine is converted in a porthole-like window while a sheet of metal becomes a flip down counter.…"
From Daily Mail Reporter

The Qunitessential Django Reinhardt & Stéphane Grapelli

There are musical partners made in heaven. Sam and Dave. Otis and Carla. Keith and Mick…
   Django and Grapelli are just -- all time. Making this music in Paris over 70 years ago. Doesn't sound old. Contemporary in its beauty and wit and lightness. Imagine the flappers dancing…
   To tell the, er, truth, I have been dancing all over the office to this record. It's 6:45 PM, everyone is gone, I'd never do this with anyone around. My feet just seem to know where to go to this music.These songs are from 1934-40. I was born in 1935. Hmmm!
   There are tons of records of these two, but this one gets them at their absolute best,
Check out Sweet Georgia Brown: http://shltr.net/djangogeorgia

Making the Tiny Homes Book Halfway Old-school

I posted this 2-minute video by Jason Sussberg here a few months ago. It's me showing the process of laying out the Tiny Homes book by hand — using scissors, removable scotch tape, and a cheap color copy machine (Brother DCP-9040CN) — before it enters the digital process.The video has had 23,000 views so far.

Birth of a Book by Glen Milner

"A short vignette of a book being created using traditional printing methods."
From Rick Gordon

Windskating in the Desert

Desert Dwellings in India

From Joyce Plath:
"Ten thousand years ago the ancient Saraswati River flowed through what is now the Thar Desert. Over four thousand years ago the cultures of Mohen-jo-daro, Harrapa, and Loltal developed sophisticated cites with water and drainage systems. Domestic architecture, village organization, and traditional ways of life can still be found in remote villages that hug the border with Pakistan. The horizon is defined by scruffy trees growing about ten feet in height.
   These photographs were not staged. So far away from the stuff of modern life, people live simply with the scarce resources surrounding them. The simplicity of this life has a stark beauty that took our breath away.
   Descendants of India’s earliest people still live in jhungis, straw and wood stick buildings covered with mud. In this inhospitable environment wells are dug deep and walls built thick for protection from punishing sand storms and heat of the sun. Passions for music, poetry and dance carry a great deal of power in this silent world.

Japanese Ghost Ship Spotted Off Coast of Canada Signaling Arrival of Tsunami Wreckage

by Mark Boyer, 04/02/12
"After Japan was hit with a devastating earthquake in March 2011, the Pacific nation was rocked by a massive tsunami that destroyed thousands of coastal houses, cars and boats and swept millions of tons of debris out into the ocean. Now, it looks like some of that debris could be approaching North America. Last week, a unmanned boat identified as a Japanese fishing vessel was spotted off the coast of Canada, indicating that after more than a year, some of that debris could still be on its way to American and Canadian shores." http://shltr.net/ghstship
Thanks to Mike W. for this.

Thinking of Keeping Chickens in Your Yard?

"For newly hatched chicken enthusiasts, the first egg from your own hens is a small miracle. 'You want to dip it in gold,' said the writer Susan Orlean, who keeps nine hens at her home in Columbia County, N.Y.
   Then comes the second egg: enough for a triumphant breakfast.…"

Long article in today's NY Times by Julia Moskin: http://shltr.net/eggsjulia
Photo by Mark Wallheiser: "A basket of eggs at Greenfire Farms in Havana, Fla."

Those chocolate eggs are probably from Maran hens.

Tiny Homes News

Author "Tour" With City Lights last week, I've done 6 bookstore appearances and now I have 2 weeks before taking off for Canada, where I'll be in Vancouver April 19, Hornby Island 4/22, Denman Island 4/23, and Victoria 4/25.
   I've got a busy May-early June schedule: The North House Folk School for the 1st week of May; the mighty Maker Fair in San Mateo, Calif. May 19-20; the Mother Earth News Fair in Puyallup, Washington on June 2; then directly to NY for the 2102 BookExpo America, and an appearance at the v. cool Spoonbill and Sugartown bookstore in Brooklyn on June 6th, then back to SFO on June 11th. Whooh! I know it's not as dense a schedule as most on-the-road authors have, but I'll be glad when it's over. It's fun and rewarding to be at these places, but it's the getting there and back…

Barefoot Running/Groovin' Up Slowly

Last night I took off to meet my running buddies at Muir Beach. It was drizzling lightly as I drove along the coast. The Beatles were doing "Come Together" on Sirius radio, what a song! It's great to hear music many years later, with a different perspective.

"Here come old flat top
He come groovin' up slowly
He got joo joo eyeballs
He one holy rollers
He got hair down to his knee
Got to be a joker
He just do what he please…"

Ay, we miss you, John!

Cabin Plans From Texas State Archives

"Hi Lloyd,
I just came across these great old plans on Flickr and thought you might appreciate them:

Tango in Colors

"Let’s face it, OK Go have the best music videos around and their new clip for “Skyscrapers” is certainly no exception to that rule, even if it doesn’t actually feature the band themselves.
The video, which comes from their album Of The Blue Colour Of The Sky which came out two years ago, sees dancer Moti Buchboot and director Trish Sie tangoing in front of different colored buildings and their outfits mimic each scene to give the video a chameleon-like feel. Trust us, it’s more impressive than that description makes it sound.
The song is also heavily influenced by Prince both musically and in the fact that it references his classic cuts like '1999' and 'Purple Rain.' Oh and if you have a Nintendo 3DS you can also watch the video in 3D on your device, just try to stay out of the way of the dancers.…"

Floating Tipi on Lake

"…Will lived in the back of his car, he than decided to build a raft and looked at what options he would have for shelter. He looked at cabin-type tents and finally his uncle suggested a teepee.
   Will says he found out that a teepee design and ergonomics allow for it to stay quite warm. With its cone shape it is very stable even when the wind gets quite strong. He says that storms have not been a problems with the teepee.…"
Thanks to John O'Brien for pointing this out.

2012 Straw Bale Building Workshop at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage in Missouri

"…Students will spend 10 days at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage learning the fundamental craft of straw bale construction, as well as plastering techniques with clay and lime, creating artistic embellishments, and more.
   Students will start the straw bale building process from step one — preparing, stacking, and securing straw bale walls, and finishing the walls with plaster made from local materials. Expect to work hard, get your hands dirty, and learn all of the ins and outs to building an actual home with straw bales and local, natural materials.…"
July 22-Aug 2, 201`2

Scottish Bike Wizard Danny MacAskill

Comment last week:
"Marie said...
You've seen Danny MacAskill's videos, right? I like this video as much as a fantastic travel ad for Scotland as a great bike video."