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Tiny Home For Sale in Idaho

237 sq. ft., Sagle Idaho

"… Wood floors, custom trim, doors, cabinets, glazed walls, insulated floors and ceilings. Fully wired and plumbed. Electric heat. $39,500 not including fixtures, (shower, sink, toilet, fridge, kitchen sink). Can be transported to any location to be placed on a foundation of your choice. Fixtures…$2-4000)" From Tiny House Listings here


Kay L. Davies said...

It's adorable. And Idaho isn't to far from here, but I don't know about electric heat. I still like a wood stove (in my dreams, as my husband doesn't want a Tiny House).
Very cute, though.

Anonymous said...

I was driving south from Sandpoint, ID about a month ago and saw that house parked on the side of the highway. I commented to my wife that it was a cool little house. I didn't even know it was for sale. Now I see it on your blog. What a great surprise!

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