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Primitive Living Skills Gatherings Coming Up

Photographer Cliff Volpe sent us this info about Primitive Living Skills gatherings and some "stone age" projects Cliff may do next summer:

These are week long events where instructors teach a variety of classes that focus on primitive technology, hunter-gather culture, and ancient ways. There are usually a very wide range of classes taught…from the more spiritual inclined to skills focused…such as primitive archery, atlatl manufacture, shelter building, wild edible plants, brain tanned buckskin, basket weaving, footwear/moccasins, felting, roadkill animal processing, diaper-less baby rearing, flint knapping, animal tracking, friction fire, primitive pottery, etc. Here’s a list of primitive living skills gatherings that happen on the west coast:

BUCKEYE GATHERING http://buckeyegathering.net/
Summary: Held in May in California, about 500 people attend, I’ve never been but have heard great things about it. Registration filled up early last year.

SASKATOON CIRCLE GATHERING http://www.saskatooncircle.com/www.saskatooncircle.com/Welcome.html
Summary: Held in September in Washington, nature-oriented, beautiful secluded location, nature-oriented spiritual vibe, small & intimate, amazing food, about 200 people attend, registration filled up early last year. Here are photos I captured last year:

RABBITSTICK GATHERING http://www.backtracks.net/rabbitstick.html
Summary: Held in September in Idaho, oldest gathering in USA, a lot of “who’s who” of the primitive living skills movement attend, 400 people attend, an eclectic mix of people from different backgrounds, some celebrities attend such as Cody Lundin of “Dual Survivor” fame, here are photos from previous years:
http://www.smugmug.com/gallery/18740114_Pg95Cm#!i=1450367418&k=LJ2852X http://website.smugmug.com/Other/Rabbitstick-2012-Best-Photos/26079902_GCFH6C#!i=2166077155&k=86LrwdL

WINTER COUNT GATHERING http://www.backtracks.net/wintercount.html
Summary: Held in February in Arizona, put on by the same folks as Rabbitstick, about 300 people attend, I haven’t attended but have heard it’s similar vibe as Rabbitstick.

Here is information about the “stone age” project Cliff is thinking about doing for four months next summer: http://www.lynxvilden.com/


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