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Our (Bantam) Golden Seabright Rooster


Tim Joe said...

A beauty like that is an indication of intelligent design. But why not? Survival and evolution are by definition signs of intelligence; some built-in source of beauty and strength and grace. What I am trying to say Lloyd, is that is one purty chicken.


dweeze (Johnno) said...

Hear hear TJ. He's one good lookin fella.
Lloyd: good capture. I've found chickens very tough to get 'good' photographs of.

Anonymous said...


Marimba said...

Looks like he's striking the Ralph Macchio/Karate Kid pose.

bayrider said...

He is beautiful! Intelligent design for sure, all these chicken varieties are the result of selective breeding by humans for thousands of years to arrive at the characteristics you see today. You could almost think of them as GMOs.

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