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Mini Antique Cars For Sale

"Hi Lloyd, Several months ago I sent a link about a family's visit to a mini-car museum.  Thought you might want to know the museum is closing and the cars are for sale come February. Here's the link: http://microcarmuseum.com with all the details.  Own your own mini car.… Enjoying the blog, Lloyd. Anne Thrope"

I just like to look at them.


Miss Anne Thrope said...

Thanks for the follow up, Lloyd. Our family pictures of just some of the hundreds of cars are here: http://missannethropesblog.blogspot.com/2012/06/mini-car-museum.html Apparently ALL the cars are coming up for sale. http://microcarmuseum.com/

how to sell cars said...

cool one, very classic and i love vintage style of car..it make me remember the old times.

Cecilia said...

Thanks for sharing! I absolutely love to look at vintage cars. They are so cool. My husband wants to buy one in the future, but we had to go look at other cars for sale first.

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