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Love the Rain

About 4" in the last 4 days. Creeks rushing, reservoirs pretty full. Can it be that there is some good news in these messed up times? I have about 18" of rain this year, about a third more than normal. Caused me to dial up Toots singing "Love the Rain."


Owl said...

Nice to hear the landscape is coping with the rain in your part of the world. We are saturated over here in the uk. I renovated our septic system by putting in a new drain field last spring (with more than a little help from your book and local regulation guidance), it was working perfectly but the ground is now completely swamped & of course the system is full of surface water. So boxing day involved a hefty DIY session to build a small composting loo to keep us going until the water levels go down. Again the SSOM was a great help.
Hope you and your visitors get to enjoy the rain and are avoiding such problems.

Gill said...

Here on the other American coast (Southern Michigan)we're enjoying our first significant snow fall, and its beautiful!

@ Owl, Boxing day is when you "box up" the gifts you got for Christmas and take them back to the store right? ;-) At least that's what my Canadian Dad always says.

@Lloyd, Ann Peebles may beg to differ on your musical selection, but I dug the Toots song you linked to.

Merry I'm happy it's Ho Ho Over...


Miss Anne Thrope said...

What a beautiful view

Anonymous said...

Lloyd, with just a little luck, Marin could become as sun-free as Portland: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BBUxZdWJ_zE

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