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Art at Mill Valley Surf Shop

On side wall of the Proof Lab Surf/Skate shop in Mill Valley (254 Shoreline Highway). About 8' in diameter. The artist is Charlie Callahan (see comment below by Charlie about his other work, including a 25' wall mural at Facebook headquarters in the works).


mturrini said...

Hi LLoyd,

That piece was done by Charlie Callahan. He was actually the first artist we featured at the Low Tide Club in Sausalito. If you look at our home page http://lowtideclub.com/ you can see some pictures we too this week of a huge mural he is currently doing at facebook. You can also see pictures from the show he did at our shop here http://lowtideclub.com/?p=275


mturrini said...

I should have also mentioned his website here: http://fronzilla.com/blog/

Stephanie said...

Charlie Callahan,

Simply PHENOMENAL work! I cannot get over the fact this is not 3-D?! It looks incredible. I'd drive up from San Diego to N. California to see these pieces of art ... just fantastic. I studied marine biology and the urchin is a favorite. What a talent you are.

Lloyd, thanks for sharing the photo! Simply stunning!

Lloyd Kahn said...

Somehow your comment got deleted. Could you send me email address again? Would like to see other work by you.

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