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Tom Greenway's Blog from Woods in UK

Tom Greenway has left a new comment on your post "$1,000 Tiny Shed From Costco":

"Hi Lloyd, thanks for your great blog, here is mine http://1000months.blogspot.co.uk/ weirdly I'm a book publisher, skateboarder and hope to build a small space in my wood soon too! Anyway the main reason I'm writing this is to tell you about this UK tv series that I thought you would enjoy on small builds, can you view it online in the states? George Clarke-Amazing Spaces
-cheers Tom"

Can't view the above in  the US, but check out Tom's blog (above), described as: "Tom Greenway's blog on publishing, entrepreneurship, outdoor activities, extreme sports, woodland ownership, crafts, giving back and generally trying to cram as much into your life as possible!"

2 comment s:

Tom Greenway said...

Wow thanks for the feature Lloyd! I didn't expect that at all! I'm over the moon! Cheers Tom

Richard Ieian Jones said...

Try this link for Georges Amazing Spaces.


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