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Owl Shed Doors

Built by Michael Nault in Eastern Ontario, Canada. Photo by Jennifer Ring


Powell River Books said...

That's what I could use near my float garden. The birds perch on my little owl and thumb their wing feathers at me. By the way, the Travel Channel is showcasing three new episodes of Extreme Houseboats (what they call anything that floats that you can live in) tonight (Nov. 4) from 8:00-11:00. They came to our cabin to film last May. We are in a clip on their website http://www.travelchannel.com/video/hole-in-the-wall and hope to be part of one of the three segments. - Margy


Irene Tukuafu said...


docubook said...

Hello..I'm documentary producer based on Seoul, South Korea. Now I've read your legendary books, 'Shelters', 'Builders'. Those are such really nice, very much inspiration for me. Then, I'm thinking lots of possibilities including to make documentary for korean audience. Anyway, Today I've one question to you. In the epilogue of 'Shelters' there was one very odd man appeared, name was Almond Besset (not exactly right), Who is the Almond Besset? I could not find him by any way on the web. He seemed very special person to you. Would you let me know about him, Please?
my e-mail is docustory@gmail.com.

I hope see you someday.
Take care


Young Kim

Lloyd Kahn said...

Young Kim,
I'm sure Armand Basset is no longer alive. He was an old man, and that was in 1973. We met him on the road and what I wrote in the book is all I know about him.…A hobo Buddha.

James Norris said...

Thanks for sharing this information. I love the photos of these doors. In places like Calgary, there are doors that just amaze the human mind. We don't really ever think about the complexity of a simple door. It is so useful.

Shanna White said...

What original looking doors ! I would love to do something like this in ottawa!

Anonymous said...

some interesting recycled doors


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