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Sarah Built Her Own Tiny Home

"With refurbished pallets and thrift store finds this tiny house became a reality as a part of one woman's masters degree. Sarah McNair studied environmental management and decided to build this 210 square foot house for her thesis project. She and her father did most of the labor to build this fully functioning home that can be transported on the back of the trailer. It comes with a kitchen (with full-sized oven), loft style bedroom, and all sorts of earthy gizmos (e.g. solar panel, composting toilet). McNair is hoping to sell the house to pay off the loan she took out to be able to build it. But until that happens she's showing it at various festivals and conferences to build awareness for the tiny house movement." http://dc.curbed.com/tags/tiny-houses


Andreas said...

I can't believe that people still use pallets as building material. Pallets are routinely treated with a cocktail of canrnogenic substances, such as fungizides, insectizides and anti-moult treatment.

Never, ever, use a palet to build anything. Also, don't use them as firewood.

Lloyd Kahn said...

Andreas, Thanks! I'd never heard this and just Google'd the subject and sure enough, pallets are pretty toxic. I don't think many people know this.

Kay L. Davies said...

Hi Lloyd, I tried commenting on Sarah's blog, but couldn't. I am completely smitten with her idea for a couch. I want to rush out to thrift stores to look for long, low chests of drawers.

smallhousebigadventure said...

A little late to this...sorry! Thanks for the post about my house! Regarding pallets, all you need to do is seek out the heat treated ones, stamped with "HT." Chemical ones are often marked as such as well. The newer the pallet, the better as well as there won't be years of suspicious material left on them. Additionally, with planing 1/8 inch from all sides, sanding, staining, and sealing, there's no worry with these.

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