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Car Tent For Stealth City Camping

"The car tent is a tent designed to look like a car cover, so you can go camping in the city without being disturbed. And really, who doesn't go camping in the city? When you get hungry you just shoot a business man and cook him over an open flame. Delicious!" http://shltr.net/OEYL5T
From Manfred Flemme


Anonymous said...

I never, never go camping in the city without my car tent !
it's so exciting to hear sirens and roaring of car traffic and garbage trucks at dawn !
I remember fantastic holidays in my car tent : dogs of the whole area spent the night peeing on it - the zip got jammed - my car was unfortunately parked in front of the Kukuristan'embassy - because of my ear plugs, I didn't hear the bomb disposal experts nor the truck which drove me to the car pound. But I don't like the design of my car tent, I want to buy another one with Camouflaging Jungle Colours.

Anonymous said...

Car cover looks like a tent, car tent doesn't look like a car cover. It looks like a tent. Stealth fail!

Engrid said...

This is too lovely xD

Anonymous said...

Funny idea. In practice however, not as confidant...

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