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Robin Wood Makes Wooden Bowls With Hand Tools in UK


Martin said...

How cool is that? Imagine pumping away on the treadle to some great old tunes...

Thanks Lloyd

Scott Garrett said...

Lloyd, I just found you today thanks to Robin Wood posting that film of you... and I don't know how, but i think you may have just changed my life. I've been thinking it all over for a couple of years (i hit the big 40). I developed a passion for making pottery, got a wheel, got a kiln (both free) and got started... slowly! Anyway i still sit in front of my mac to do my job and pay the bills... then I watched the films Robin had posted... and something connected. Something needs to change and I shall spend next year figuring that out. Watch out 2013!.. something's shifted. Great to see the skateboard... and thank you.

Lloyd Kahn said...


Rose said...

This is both remarkably beautiful and wonderfully inspiring! So wonderful to see a craftsman doing what he loves and creating something meaningful at the same time.

White Knight said...

Hi Lloyd. When I began whittling last year outside my carawagon with a lump of firewood, I didn't realise that it would be the start of something very special. My good lady liked my resultant spoon so much she enrolled me on a spoon-carving course with Robin at his village in the English hills. Robin isn't just an excellent wood-turner, he is also a thoroughly good man and wonderful teacher. It's hard to walk by a piece of wood now without seeing a hidden form within it, whether that be a spoon,kuska, or perhaps an owl or wolf. PS Arrived here thanks to Robin. Love the blog, young man!

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