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Japanese Forest House by Brian Schulz, Northern Oregon Coast

This is just a lovely project; click here.
From Ian Price


Carolyn Henderson said...

You are right -- this is a lovely project. The staircase, with its steps built into the cut out log, is amazing -- solid, yet gracious.

I especially like the way the entire structure was tucked so neatly and naturally into its forest home -- this would be a place that gently peeks from the environment around it. It feels quiet, peaceful, balanced.

jparkes said...

This Zen retreat is phenomenal. I can imagine myself there while it rains for days in the forest. Why every home isn't as inspired as this one is i'll never understand. People spend their lives in white boxes and seek happiness and peace in the outside world when it's inside where these things are found.
This would be a great place when one is ready to make that inner journey...

Anonymous said...

I would love to live in this house.

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