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Tiny Log House For Sale in BC, Canada

From Tiny House Blog:
"Dave Stonehouse from Stonehouse Woodworks in Golden, BC. Here are some pictures of my 16 x 20 log shell that I built last winter. The shell is complete and currently for sale.
   I have begun building my first “littlefoot” log cabin. The sub floor is built, it will be 8ft 4″ x 12ft 6″. That size was chosen because we can build 104 sq ft without a building permit around here so that squeeks just under. It is designed to be moved in two pieces, floor walls and loft as one with a steep prefabed roof that gets set on top like a hat being the second piece. It is going to have a steep 18/12 pitch roof that will give standing room at the peak even though it is only 8ft 4″ wide. There will be a dormer on the one side of the roof.…"

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Anne Klusman said...

Dear Lloyed Kahn,

Yesterday i bought your book "Builders of the Pacific coast". I think it's a ery inspiring book. It would be great to have some handmade houses like the ones in your book and on your blog in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. I wrote a post about your book and blog on my blog, with a link to your page. I hope you are fine with that. Who know's it might get people inspired to build more handmade houses in te Netherlands too :). Thank you for your work!


Anne Klusman
Blog: http://schiebroek.wordpress.com/

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