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Kayak Made from Recycled Bottles in Argentina

"Industrial engineer Federico Blanc had a dream to float down Argentina’s gorgeous Parana River on a recycled kayak, and his vision recently came to fruition! Blanc collected dozens of plastic soda bottles and glued them together to create his fantastic blue kayak. Simple, strong and eco-friendly, this boat can carry up to 2 people plus a cooler for when the rafters get hungry."
From Inhabitat
Sent us by Godfrey Stephens


Anonymous said...

What kind of adhesive was used?

Carol said...

Why is it not shown floating?

Todd said...

Carol, check out the Inhabitat article for more pictures and descriptions.

Anonymous said...

some more good recycles


Anonymous said...

Okay Lloyd, found your next best desk seat, and recycled too….

or maybe this one

or this one

and this would be a slick travel desk for your car…could be made from any size…

and this would make a fine holder

kinda looks like it should be in your outside shed to hang a jacket on

Anonymous said...

Dat, is badass. Done like a boss

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