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Honky Tonk Women by you-know-who

Boy! Give me the real thing any day. With tuned-in photographers as opposed to scripted "music videos." Look at the faces in the 1st 40 seconds here. This was in Hyde Park in London in 1969, just after Brian Jones' death. It's Mick Taylor's first appearance with the band.
   BTW, just ran across this lovely ballad, "Crazy,"  by Linda Rondstadt, in a full throated rich version that Patsy would approve of: http://www.youtube.com/user/john1948EightB
   I know, I'm so retro. To wit, check, as well: http://john1948.wetpaint.com/page/John1948%27s+Youtube+Index


ChippyChin said...

That was so awesome. Thank you for posting it!

Anonymous said...

Mick Taylor?

Lloyd Kahn said...

Replaced Brian Jones, on Mick's right in blue shirt.

Donnarose said...

I recognized Marianne Faithful in the first part. She and Mick were an item for awhile until she o'd on heroin and almost bought the farm.

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