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Small Farmers Creating a New Business Model as Agriculture Goes Local

"…For Jenny and Alex Smith, both 25, a couple since they met in college — now first-year farmers on a tiny plot about an hour north of Seattle — the economic equation comes down to lowering costs and needs.
   They live in a recreational vehicle with no television or Internet service, and they hope to break even this year, earning perhaps $1,600 a month through farmers’ markets and subscriptions for weekly produce packages, so far mostly from friends and family. But they say a farming life still feels, to them, full of promise. They had boring office jobs in Seattle, they said, and now they have a farm dog named Banjo.…" http://www.nytimes.com/2012/07/02/us/small-scale-farmers-creating-a-new-profit-model.html?_r=1
By Kirk Johnson, NY Times, July 1, 2012


El Gaucho said...

I love to read stories like this...

Anonymous said...

I'd be curious to know whether the $1,600 a month is before or after farm expenses...

Peter Whiteson said...

What is particularly interesting to individuals in the farming company is that the trend of advancement that it has gotten about is only just getting began.

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