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Full Moon Silver Path Last Week on Ocean


Anonymous said...

Thank you, nice photo.

Tim Joe said...

Back when I was cool we used to night sail off the beach in New Smyrna Beach at every full moon. It was brilliantly lit and the trails off the rudders were a wondrous thing.

Floridagirl said...

Best pic ever on your site.

Anonymous said...

Very beautiful picture indeed. As a enthusiast foto nerd I cannot resist reminding you of that Sony RX100 you posted earlier. Sadly, digital noise can never be charming like grainy high iso film. I suspect this has been taken with your Powershot S95(S100?)with very high ISO setting? You also have a m4/3 camera iirc? Anyway, without that "multicolor rain" the picture would be flawless...
greets from Vienna,

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