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Bunch of Tiny Homes Pix on Pintarest

"by Kristine Goodrich/Editor
WHITE BEAR TOWNSHIP — They’re on wheels and not much larger than a camper.
But with a lofted bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and even a front porch, Jim Wilkins’ rolling residences have all the elements of a traditional home — all cozied into less than 350 square feet.
After decades working in the construction industry, the White Bear Township entrepreneur now designs and custom builds miniature environmentally-friendly homes in his backyard workshop. He aptly calls his business Tiny Green Cabins.
Wilkins’ cabins provide a unique but expensive option for eco-minded cross-country travelers, city-dwellers seeking a cabin get-away, young adults looking for a portable first home and retirees wanting to downsize.…"http://shltr.net/tinygreen


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