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Young Red Shouldered Hawk Sings the Blues

The cries have been going on for several days. Kee-ahh, kee-ahh, kee-ahh, as the Cornell Lab of Ornithology describes the sound: http://shltr.net/redblues. We figure it's junior being forced out of the nest and not liking it. "Get a job, get your own place…"
   Last evening, the young one was in one tree, another hawk in a distant tree, and they were calling back and forth to each other. Below, the young one takes off and flies over to the other one. After a short period, one flew off.

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Stephanie said...

What a gorgous moment captures, wings akimbo! I just got the Bird Songs Bible, compiled by Cornell Ornithology Lab with hundreds of recorded sounds next to pictures & geographical locations of tons of birds! Best birthday gift ever ...

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