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Swing Dancing with the Baby Soda Jazz Band

Several years ago I ran across a Dixieland-style band playing in Union Square. They were really good. The bass player's bass got my attention (I used to play a "gut bucket," or washtub bass, in a high school quartet). It really sounded good. I introduced myself to Peter Ford and he said maybe he could make me one. I pestered him for a couple of years until he finally sent me the pre-cut parts, which I assembled and I've been happily playing it a little almost every day along with Sirius radio or CDs (hey, I'm a member of the band!). I take a break from the computer when the music moves me. The bass is fascinating, little-understood. Now I hear the bass notes. It's like learning a new language.
   After pizza as good as it gets with my friends Ed and JC (Franny's on Flatbush in Park Slope/Brooklyn) last night, I caught a cab to the Radegast Bierhall in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where Baby Soda was playing. The music and dancing were great and I caught up with Peter.

Check out Baby Soda's website: http://babysoda.org
So far all the music I've seen on this trip ask been vintage '20s-'30s. I just love it.


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