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One Minute Vacation by Kevin Kelly

Once in a while something comes in that causes me to drop whatever I'm doing, and this brilliant form of communication by Kevin Kelly is one of them. Perfect for the 21st century. Less is better. Wow!

"One second per day for a 2-months in Asia.
I took a one-second clip each day on a two-month trip in Asia during April & May 2012. On a few days I just had to do an extra second, so this video is actually 90 seconds long. I was inspired by Ceasar Kuriyama's one-second-per-day life summary. Since it was only one second per day I filmed it on my Lumix still camera; edited on iMovie. This is all the video I took. There is no more; but there are stills. I'll eventually put them on my site at www.asiagrace.com. -- Kevin Kelly"


Anonymous said...

That was hard to watch - guess I'm too old & not used to tv speed...

Island Woman MJ said...

I understand what Anon meant but was also really impressed with the huge and wonderful variety of images. Hated reading there was no more. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Loved this, capturing his individual experience so beautifully and succinctly. Also means you have to pay close attention. The variation is amazing.

Anonymous said...

my name is bailey from netherton school
my teacher thinks that you are very cool

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