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Mom's Cafe

Yesterday rainy morning, on my way to SunRay Kelley's and Bonnie's compound near Sedro Woolley, Washington, I'm hungry, and here is Mom's cafe. Who can resist? (I'm a sucker for any cafe that says "Mom's," or "Home Cooking.")
Great breakfast of scrambled eggs, crisp bacon, homemade corn muffin. I ask the cook, "Are you Mom?" "Yes," she says, "but little mama runs this place," motioning toward the young waitress. "Your daughter?" "Yes. I just do what she says." Smiles all around.
Mom is Linda Hanger, daughter is Jess, and she's lovely. Doesn't know it either. Radiant smile, kindness in face, sparkling eyes. There's substance here too, and humor. She's 22 and lives, it turns out, in a tiny home on 22 acres in the hills and practices permaculture. There's something about the 20-year-olds these days. Children of the boomers. A whole new breed. Hope in this battered world.


mara said...

Lloyd, that is such a beautifully written short, short story you have written above. Says so much in just a few words. Thanks for posting.

Tim Joe said...

There is hope for the Universe.

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