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"We throw most plastic things away. Most plastic lasts nearly forever."

A seminar on Long Term Thinking by the Long Now Foundation in San Francisco next week, hosted by Stewart Brand.
"Plastic is a miracle material that needs better time management.  To do that, we need to examine what plastic has been superb at and what it's lousy at.  We need to understand how its highly stable giant polymer molecules really work, and how some toxicities play out.  From there we can sort out how to get the benefits of plastic's amazing durability while reducing the harm from its convenient disposability.  The matter requires close and respectful coordination between short-term experts (businesses) and long-term experts (governments and nonprofits).
   Managing plastic well is a microcosm of managing civilization well."

Susan Freinkel is the author of Plastic: A Toxic Love Story and American Chestnut: The Life, Death, and Rebirth of a Perfect Tree.
   Seminar: "Eternal Plastic: A Toxic Love Story," Susan Freinkel, Cowell Theater, Fort Mason Center, San Francisco, 7pm, Tuesday, May 22, 7:30pm.


pranaglider said...

There really is no "away" place to throw them.

Nance said...

someone needs to figure out how to decompose this plastic (this 'stuff'). It needs to be broken down so it can be re-made and reused again. As in, oh say, food waste composted into soil.

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