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Treehouse in Canada

"…It took months to find the right tree to build on, and when he did the spot was on public land looking down on a row of multi-million dollar homes. But that didn't stop Joel Allen - he just built this incredible egg-shaped treehouse in Canada anyway, without telling anyone.
   The computer technician-turned-carpenter started off by creating a scale model of his design to test its strength and durability, before beginning the months-long quest to find the perfect tree…"
Thanks to Susie


daltxguy said...

It's a clever design, but he was really such an idiot for building it on public land and then expecting sympathy and bailout. The whole point of disallowing building on public land is to protect pristine environments.

DysfunctionDesigns said...

That is so awesome! Shame about the public land part

Rob said...


He's not such an idiot, really. It's Canada, and more than that, BC, and in an area that isn't going to get logged anytime soon. In other words, not too many people are going to get bent out of shape as long as he doesn't make an ass of himself. I doubt that the guys owning the million dollar houses are going to bitch (most houses around here are closing in on that anyway). In terms of keeping public lands pristine by restricting building, again, this is Canada. 1/10 of the US population and way more land. We keep public land for clear-cutting more than for anything else. This guy is doing absolutely no harm.

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