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Tiny Homes Now an eBook!

Rick Gordon has produced an in-house state-of-the-art, fixed-layout EPUB version of Tiny Homes, which accurately replicates the design and content of the print version. It is extensively hyperlinked, with zoomable images and text. I have not seen any ebook this complex (1300 photos) in all of the Apple world. We are thrilled with it.

It can be read on an iPad or iPhone that has iOS 5 (or higher) installed and a current version of the iBooks app (available for free from the App Store, if not already installed). Note: This is not a PDF nor an app.

It's available in the Apple iBookstore at http://shltr.net/tinyhomes-ibooks. You can download free sample pages (38 selected pages) to check it out. It is $13.99. If you get the eBook, you can get the print book for a 40% discount.

Recipient of the 2012 Nautilus Silver Award in the category of Green Living.

Dan Wright, Technical Manager for CircularFLO (the software Rick used) in an email to Rick titled "Your masterpiece…," wrote: "(This) is the most impressive Fixed Layout EPUB I have ever seen."

We'd appreciate you spreading the word about this if you can. Blog it or Tweet it or Facebook it. It's really good. I guar-an-tee it.


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