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Photo Trip This Afternoon

I went uplake with Bill and Bryan after my talk at the school today. Here are some pics. The brilliant colors are the Naniboujou Lodge on the shores of Lake Superior, which was "… was first conceived in the 1920's as an ultra exclusive private club. Babe Ruth, Jack Dempsey and Ring Lardner were among its charter members.…" The fireplace is a stunner, with 20 tons of lake rock. http://www.naniboujou.com

St Francis Xavier Church on outskirts of Grand Marais, built in 1895

Yes, I know. I am, as they say, all over the place. Can't help it.


Todd said...

I am very glad you are all over the place. There is so much great stuff out there in the world, how would us office-bound folks get to see it if it weren't for you free spirits running all around sharing your multiple interests with us? Don't help it. Be all over the place!!

Anonymous said...

Love the blog. One small error on the weight of the fireplace. You dropped a zero. Fireplace weighs 200 tons. I second Todd!

Julia Borgstrom Kastendiek said...

Hi Lloyd,
Richard Borgstroms middle daughter here. This Naniboujou place is almost as nice as the Awahnee. To me, that's the ultimate! We went there for lunch when we were visiting Dad in Minnesota, you know he has passed. His family were all from the Iron range, west of Duluth.
I have been channeling him alot this past year, as I have fully remodeled our cliff house here in Chatsworth. I would love to send some photos of what I have done to share. All parts scavenged and super special rustic Mexivan carved, glazed and other! Yours truly, Julia

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