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Over the Hills and Out To the Sea

I did my 13th slide show yesterday at the Maker Faire, and, worn out by a lot of intense (and gratifying) encounters, I decided to sneak over the Pacific coastal range, and head to what is really, in heart of hearts, my town. Santa Cruz, I love thee still. Despite all the changes. I still feel relaxed and happy in Santa Cruz. (I was at Stanford in the mid-50s and ended up spending more time in SC than I did in Palo Alto.) The beaches and ocean are as beautiful as ever. There's a mellowness and laid-backedness that tells you you're south of big oh-so cultured San Francisco; SC is 15% of the distance to LA from SF, and there's about that percentage of LA fun and frolic vibes in the air. Kick back.
   I set my GPS for Half Moon Bay and went over the hills approaching coastal fog and lo and behold there were cars parked everywhere on the roadsides. I'd forgotten about the eclipse. People were out with darkened glass or other devices to view the eclipse. I had none of these, but lucked out in the fog out at the coast.
   I'm hiding out here for a couple of days, getting some writing done, going skating in the hills tonight with friends, getting some solitude to recharge.


Powell River Books said...

You were very lucky. We had overcast all day (plus rain). But I guess that's one reason they call us the Raincoast. - Margy

Xep said...

I grew up in Santa Cruz and now live in the woods on the central Oregon Coast. Down for a visit last week, I too felt that familiar "this is my town" in my heart. The crowning moment was while walking past my elementary school (Soquel School!), a woman on a bicycle stopped and asked me for the time. As I fished through my pocket for a time piece she asked "would you like to meet my guinea pig? He's out for his first bike ride." It was then I noticed the little guy happily sitting in the basket on the front of her bike.

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