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Ocean Kayak Fishing in Santa Cruz

I saw this rig yesterday, and pulled over to shoot a photo. Steve told me he'd pulled the rig from his home to the yacht harbor at 8 AM, maybe 2 miles, gone out and caught 10 rockfish (stowed neatly away) and was on his way home. It was rigged intelligently, rods, rod holders, etc. Steve has thought it through.This isn't just fishing, it's eco fishing. He's going from home to the water -- no gasoline -- propelling himself around the ocean by hand (paddle) -- no gasoline -- getting back home with high quality fresh food. Perfect.


Julie said...

Looks like the exercise isn't doing him any harm either ;-))

Nigel said...

Excellent! I live on the west coast of Canada and get out to do a little fishing in my kayak ocassionally. Great fun except for the time I hooked a large dogfish and it towed me a kilometer or so out of my way.

John Anderson said...


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Kemona said...

Very nice. Quite interesting. I think it would be good if you did some sort of documentary for the BBC which hopefully we would get here in the States. With all your knowledge. And you're keeping so active. Nice pics. And I wasn't aware just how far north you live. But surely a bit moderated in winter time by all the water I would think.

Lalgolap said...

You don't need to spend $700 on a kayak, nor does it need to be 12' long. Longer kayaks do nothing but offer slightly straighter tracking, and sometimes more storage. I have more than enough utility and room from my 10' kayak, and it's stable as a rock.

Gofran said...

Ocean kayak fishing is just amazing. And Steve told the good one. I think he enjoyed his ocean kayak fishing a lot. Even this kayak is looking awesome.
Thanks for sharing. :)

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