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Not-for-the-faint-hearted Treehouse High in the Woods in BC

-This maybe take a while to load
-I don't know where it is or who they are, but it sure is far out.
-Looks like they used a radio-controlled helicopter with camera (I'll bet a Go-Pro) attached.
-This came from Jonaven Moore via Godfrey Stephens


Island Woman MJ said...

Wow for the treehouse, wow for the stairs! Wow for the radio controlled whatever that held the camera and wow for the videographer!

Jeff patterson said...

So awesome how small the world is. My name is Jeff Patterson, I shot that little clip using an rc helicopter. It's a secret amazing spot near Squamish Bc, and the treehouse is only a small part of an amazing property of a food friend of mine. I will send you more when I do the "whole tour"

Lloyd Kahn said...

Glad to hear from you. Send me yr. address and I'll send you Tiny Homes book (lloyd@shelterpub.com)

Anonymous said...

some more nice Treehouses


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