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North House Folk School

It turns out to be a wonderful place. I don't know how they manage so many classes. Craftsmanship everywhere is high quality. Boat building, timber framing, weaving, basket making, blacksmithing. I'm about to take off in a canoe with Peter, the timber framer, in the Boundary Waters, so I'll throw a few photos out here and post details later. The building is their blacksmith training shop, which contains 4 forges.
  I'm doing my "The Half Acre Homestead" tomorrow (Friday) and Tiny Homes presentation Saturday.


LindaM said...

I found out about your presentation only recently so couldn't be there. I am however looking forward to summer workshops with my daughter. Thanks forgets great photos.

Kay L. Davies said...

I love the boats in the rafters. They remind me of old rural houses we saw in Russia, where the boats are taken into the living quarters for the winter.
Wonderful stuff, Lloyd.

Jasmin said...

Me too, I love the boats. Where boats are usually hung and supported by webbing.

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