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NorCal Beach

On the coast last week, I stopped at the Chart House in Montara to have a look. It appears closed. I'd never seen the beach just below it.


Stephanie said...

Beautiful ... i love those little pinkish flowers that have been blooming all up and down the Coast down here in Encinitas & La Jolla ...

Jonathan Harris said...

Chart House was replaced a year or two again by a pretty interesting Peruvian restaurant with a great bar and tapas. is that place closed now too?
The beach below is an awesome hang on a sunny day, but watch for the vicious rip if you bring your kids.

Linda Fahey said...

hey Lloyd. The chart house has been gone a looooong time. I used to work there a few lifetimes ago.

the new restaurant la costanera has a great bar to get civiche and drinks and reeeelaaax.

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