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Mini Books for Mini People

Is this fun! I've been walking around the Maker Faire handing out the mini Tiny Homes books (2" x 2") to kids. I search the crowds for kids with life, or light in their eyes, and hand them one. Bingo! Delight.
   This is Tristan, who came to our booth riding on his dad's shoulders. I asked dad if OK to put on blog and he said, "Sure, he's already a model for Pottery Barn.
   I also search out people who look alive, especially like surfer and skater dudes, or builders or gardeners. Everyone gets it.


Kay L. Davies said...

Tristan is a cutie, and he seems to be very interested in your tiny Tiny Homes book. What a great idea, Lloyd.

Unknown said...

Dear Lloyd,

I aspire to be the kid you search out with light in his eyes to give tiny Tiny Homes to. I'm 35 years old.

Thanks for continuing to inspire us all. Love your blog.

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