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Mikal Jakubal's Strawbale Vault, Redway, California

Architect Bob Theis describes the structural details: "…gabions ( rock-filled heavy wire cages) as the foundation instead of concrete, and bracing his two story space with bale buttresses that are roofed over to create storage and social spaces north and south of the interior.
Heavy wire mesh on both sides of the bale walls and roof transfers the wind and earthquake loads to the foundation.…"
Above pic: http://shltr.net/MsMU99
Construction sequence: http://shltr.net/KqbHGd


Kay L. Davies said...

I love it, Lloyd. I've wanted a strawbale house for 20 years. Probably not going to happen now, but I still love looking.

Marcel Pijper said...

Is this a unique design in roof structure? I've been surfing the internet to research straw bale roofs (not just buildings) but can find very little. Do you have more information regarding the roof part of the structure? I would love to learn more about it.

Thanks, Marcel Pijper

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