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Brick Masons of Old Duluth

Just spent an hour in downtown Duluth, where there are masonry masterpieces galore. The big building is a high school!


Anonymous said...

Try to get to the Naniboujou Lodge http://www.naniboujou.com/ it's about 20 min North of North House.. Historic and good food.


Kathy P. said...

I wonder who the architect was. It reminds me very much of Crouse College at Syracuse University designed by one Archimedes Russell. Crouse is my favorite building on campus. You can see a pic of it here: http://archives.syr.edu/buildings/crouse.html

Anonymous said...

The Architect of old Duluth Central is Oliver G. Traphagen and the bell tower is supposed to be a copy of Big Ben in London. The building is made from local sandstone and some of the architectural details are designed by George Tharna. I went to school there when it was an alternative High school back in the 80s and have admired this building since I was a kid.

genie said...

I live two blocks away Lloyd!! Welcome to Minnesota!! Your new book is laying on my buffet !

Lloyd Kahn said...

Wow, that is some great feedback!

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