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Back Home

I love being in other parts of the world, but I hate getting there. The indignity of airport security, the air in airplanes; the stress level.
   Left: the Bay Area as we approached the airport
  I almost feel like kissing the ground when I get back to San Francisco (have in fact, on occasion). The smells of the ocean, of my own home. And wouldn't the moon be spectacular as I got to town…


Anonymous said...

You are a lucky man. I would move there if I could bring Texas.

Moon to Moon said...

Hey lloyd, I would really like to do a post about your rather wonderful Tiny Homes book if that is okay with you? i think my readers would really really like it
Could you email me and let me know if that is okay :)

xx Gabi xx


Moon to Moon said...

p.s. I went to S.F about 10 years ago and have been dreaming about it ever since. I fell in love :)

Anonymous said...

Quite right about air travel Lloyd. I feel the same way and I am sure many others also do. I have visited SF in the past and enjoyed it very much. Having said that though, on my first visit I arrived as a young man on a motorcycle trip and was treated to two people chasing each other down the street while one fired a gun at the other.

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